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MILAN ANALYTICA AG markets innovative biologicals and reagents for the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and for in vitro diagnosis. We are a key supplier of innovative biologicals and reagents to the diagnostic industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and to research laboratories.



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MILAN Analytica AG supplies special plasmas and sera from humans and from animals for clinical validations and for control purposes. These materials are either used for the development of new diagnostic methods or as controls and calibrators in already existing test systems. Furthermore
MILAN Analytica AG provides raw materials for biomedical research and for the development of new in vitro-diagnostics.



Cloud-Clone Corp. develops and produces assay reagents and analysis equipment for molecular biology and immunology.



Dianova Product List



Since 1982 Dianova develops and produces antibodies, immunoassays and products for molecular biology.

Wuhan EIAab provides the life science community with high-quality protein-related products like ELISA kits, CLIA kits, antibodies and others.

Enzyme Research Laboratories




For over 25 years Enzyme Research Laboratories manufactures and distributes a variety of enzymes and cofactors used in basic coagulation research and a complementary line of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

Fuller Labs Product List



Fuller Laboratories develops both clinical and veterinary assays for the diagnosis of vector-born and zoonotic diseases. Fuller Laboratories was founded in 1990.


GenTrak Inc. manufactures a quality line of classical HLA serology trays and frozen cell trays.  HLA serology testing provides quick, cost effective results as well as useful information for molecular typing.  When used in conjunction with molecular products, serological typing helps resolve ambiguities and null alleles.

Helena Biosciences


Helena Biosciences is a leading medical diagnostic company with an international reputation specializing in the design, manufacture and support of Haemostasis systems. For over three decades, the company has been a market leader in clinical electrophoresis technology, pioneering advances in the design of instrumentation, applications and software for acetate, agarose and since 2009 fully automated Clinical Capillary Electrophoresis (CCE)



HumanZyme provides highly authentic recombinant human proteins and growth factors expressed in human cells for applications in stem cell biology, immunology, regenerative therapy and other disciplines.

HumanKine: growth factors and cytokines will enable achievement of the desired results regardless of project stage.

XKine: non-human proteins expressed in a non-human cell lines (mammals, insects) or in prokaryotes such as E. coli.

Jackson ImmunoResearch


Since 1982 Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories, Inc. specializes in the production and conjugation of affinity-purified secondary antibodies and purified immunoglobulins.
These products are used in indirect immunofluorescence (IFT), flow cytometry, Western blotting (WB) and ELISA.



Lee Biosolutions is a global leader in bulk manufacturing of high quality enzymes and related proteins for the diagnostic, research and therapeutic markets. Products include tissue and serum proteins, biomarkers, antibodies, specialty biologicals and custom preparations.


Meridian Life Sciences Product List


Meridian Life Science is a leading large scale manufacturer of antibodies, viral antigens, recombinant proteins, and critical assay reagents with over 30 years of experience.


Olerup Product List


Olerup SSP is the world leader in the development of kits for genomic HLA typing, including Olerup SSP typing kits and accessories and the global exclusive distributor for Conexio Genomics SBT typing product line for HLA laboratories. More than 20 years have passed since PCR-SSP, applied to the HLA field first was introduced by Associate Professor Olle Olerup to the global market.

Pan Biotech Product List


PAN Biotech develops and produces serum free and conventional cell culture media, automated cell culture systems, growth factors, polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and specific products for molecular biology. The company was founded in 1988.


The diagnostics branch of Pentapharm develops and manufactures reagents and test systems for coagulation and fibrinolysis diagnostics.



Thrombocyte lysates as growth complements for cell cultivation. Two grades are available: “PL solution” GMP grade for clinical applications or research grade.



ScyTek Laboratories, founded in 1991, develops and produces reagents for the life sciences market. ELISA reagents, Immunohistochemistry reagents, detection systems, monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies, histology reagents, reagents for Hematology and Microbiology/Bacteriology.











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