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SCORE™ evalutation Software

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The SCORE™ HLA typing Software is a perfect tool for interpretation and archiving of genotyping results.

The programm relies on the principles of "Virtual DNA Analysis" which allows a combined evaluation of different genotyping techniques - a new tool for combination and standardised evaluation of sequence specific oligonucleotide (SSO), sequence specific primer (SSP) and sequencing based typing (SBT) results.


For Olerup SSP customers a free version of SCORE is provided. This version is intended for the interpretation of results optained with Olerup SSP kits.


NEW VERSION - HELMBERG-SCORE™5.XXX with new features


Due to the HLA nomenclature changes, the Helmberg SCORE™ is now updated with focus on userfriendliness and simplicity. In the new version, 5.XXX, an application of new HLA Nomenclature enables instant switching between the old and the new nomenclature any time for each typing. Typing specific preferences for old/new nomenclature are stored, and a master switch is available for each front end to use the old or new nomenclature. The following new features of SCORE 5.XXX are:

  • Conversion/teaching tool for information of old/new allele
  • Linking back and forth between old and new.
  • Complete list for each locus both for old and new alleles.
  • Filter functions to select a group of old or new alleles and display
    the equivalents.
  • Combined view of frequency status, old /new name, serological
    equivalent, G-name, P-name

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