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Based on PLT VASP/P2Y12 results, authors find a clear correlation between poor clopidogrel response and cardiac death. According to the senior author (C Morel, Strasbourg, France): "There are many studies now that have shown an association between low platelet inhibition and cardiac events, but this is one of the largest studies (n=461) and one of the few to have shown a relation between low platelet inhibition and cardiac death. These are really definitive data."

In this study, low response to clopidogrel is an independant predictor of cardiac death (follow up of 9 months) on multivariate analysis. The 3 other predictors were: use of drug eluting stent, reduced creatinine clearance and raised CRP

Moreover, this author underlines the different advantages of VASP assay over other tests (bedside and laboratory):

  • selective for the P2Y12 receptor and so is a good indicator of responsiveness to clopidogrel;
  • not sensitive to IIb/IIIa blockers;
  • convenient in that it uses whole blood, so the sample does not need to be centrifuged;
  • can be done any time within 48 hours of the blood sample being taken.

Morel said: "We believe the VASP test is the most reliable test for platelet inhibition with regard to thienopyridine use"

Finally, C Morel explains how he uses VASP results in his clinical practice making those comments very realistic and practical. So, here is one more paper showing how VASP is correlated to clinical outcomes and all its benefits compared to competition

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