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We would like to bring your attention to „histonova“ prouducts from Dianova. Histonova is a continuously growing portfolio of two groups of premium antibodies for human pathology and for research.The histonova antibodies for human pathology are paraffin penetrating antibodies for excellent colouring results.


The histonova antibodies for research are especially designed for high reproducibility and reliability.
MILAN Analytica is the exclusive distributor for histonova products in Switzerland.
Please find below a list of currently available histonova antibodies

  • p53-auto antibody ELISA-Kit (Human), CE-IVD
  • Anti-Fibroblasts (CD90) (Hu) from Mouse (Clone: AS02), unconjugated
  • Anti-Fibroblasts (CD90) (Hu) from Mouse (Clone: AS02)-FITC
  • Anti-CD30 (Ki-1) (Hu) from Mouse (Clone: Ber-H2), unconjugated
  • Anti-CD31 (Ms) from Rat (Clone: SZ31), unconjugated
  • Anti-EpCAM (CD326) (Hu) from Mouse (Clone: Ber-EP4), unconjugated
  • Anti-TRAF1 (Hu) from Mouse (Clone: Ber-TRAF1), unconjugated
  • Anti-p21waf (Hu) from Rat (Clone: 3/40), unconjugated
  • Anti-p53 (Hu) from Mouse (Clone: 14/95), unconjugated
  • Anti-p53 (Hu) from Rat (Clone: 10/82/36), unconjugated
  • Anti-FasL, soluble (Hu) from Mouse (Clone: 94), unconjugated
  • Anti-FasL (Hu) from Mouse (Clone: 2), unconjugated
  • Anti-CEA (CD66e) (Hu) from Mouse (Clone: CI-P83-1), unconjugated
  • Anti-CEA (CD66e) (Hu) from Mouse (Clone: CI-P83-1)-FITC
  • Anti-6-His Epitop-Tag,His-tag (rec,all) from Mouse (Clone: 13/45/31), unconjugated
  • Anti-6-His Epitop-Tag (rec,all) from Mouse (Clone: 13/45/31)-unconj. ABF
  • Anti-6-His Epitop-Tag (rec,all) from Mouse (Clone: 13/45/31)-FITC
  • Anti-6-His Epitop-Tag (rec,all) from Mouse (Clone: 13/45/31)-Biotin
  • Anti-IDH1 R132H (Hu) from Mouse (Clone: H09)-unconjugated
  • Anti-IDH1 (Hu) from Rat (Clone: W09)-unconjugated
  • IS Adhesion Slides
  • Immunoselect Antifading Mounting Medium
  • Immunoselect Antifading Mounting Medium DAPI
  • Immunoselect Antifading Mounting Medium PI

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