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We would like to bring your attention to new products from Jackson Immunoresearch.

  • Western blotting: Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Goat IgG, light chain specific for the detection of primary goat antibodies on western blots after immunoprecipitation (IP). Light chain specific antibodies for western blotting to detect mouse, rabbit, and rat primary antibodies
  • DyLight 405: conjugates for highly effective 4-color imaging using a 405 nm laser-equipped confocal microscope.DyLight fluorescent dyes conjugated to secondary antibodies
  • PerCP (Peridinin chlorphyll protein): conjugated to Secondary Antibodies and Streptavidin

  • Bovine anti-goat IgG (H+L): minimal cross reactivity with cow, chicken, guinea pig, syrian hamster, horse, man, mouse, rabbit, rat serum proteins

Because we bundle orders you only have to pay for the transport within Switzerland (by Swiss Post Priority). You do not have to pay for transport costs and customs duties to Switzerland. Furthermore MILAN Analytica offeres scaled rebates depending on the order volume.

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