Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are pleased to inform you about PCR reagents from Meridian Life Science. These reagents include ultra-pure nucleotides and DNA polymerases.

MyTaq™ DNA Polymerase

  • New generation Taq with highest specificity and superior performance

  • Robust high yields across a full range of templates, including complex genomic DNA

  • Novel optimized buffer system with ultrapure dNTPs and MgCl2

MyTaq™ HS DNA Polymerase

  • New generation of antibody-based hot-start polymerase

  • Specifically designed for fast, highly specific, hot-start PCR

  • Highest specificity and superior performance

  • Validated for a full range of genomic DNA templates

  • Novel optimized buffer system with ultrapure dNTPs and MgCl2

SensiFast™ for Real-Time PCR

  • Faster results - under 30 minutes

  • Highly optimized qPCR mix for unparalleled performance in real-time PCR

  • Unmatched sensitivity – earliest Ct detection

  • Universal – compatible with all standard and fast cycling instruments

MLS Ultra-pure dNTPs

  • Ultra-pure: >99.9% triphosphate by HPLC

  • Enzymatically synthesized

  • Free from PCR inhibitors

  • DNase, RNase, and Nickase free

  • Functionally tested in a wide range of assays

  • Custom, bulk and OEM nucleotide service


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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