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Product news 08/2013

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Please find below current information on the portfolio of Milan Analytica:

Jackson ImmunoResearch: Alexa Fluor® 680 and Alexa Fluor® 790 for far-red and infrared detection on western blots
- Alexa Fluor® 680 is a far-red-emitting dye with peak excitation at 684 nm and peak emission at 702nm
- Alexa Fluor® 790 is an infrared-emitting dye with peak excitation at 783 nm and peak emission at 803 nm
Conjugates with far-red- and infrared-emitting fluorophores are more sensitive than those with dyes emitting visible light.

Human AB serum for increased cell growth rates
Human AB serum is a vital addition to cell culture media providing growth factors, vitamins, nutrients as well as trace elements and transport factors.
Particularly where cell lines such as macrophages and lymphocytes are concerned human AB serum may be superior to animal sera.

Other serum and plasma products
- Fetal bovine serum of different proveniences: South Africa, South America, USA, Australia, New Zealand
- Other animal blood, serum and plasma
- Human serum and plasma (disease state profiles)

HLA typing by sequence specific primers and by sequencing
- MILAN&Olerup present Conexio´s new SBT (sequence based typing) Resolver™ DRB1 kit. This kit is CE marked and includes full exon 2 coverage
- Also new is the version 4.7 of Conexio’s Assign™ SBT interpretation software. This is the 4th generation of Conexio’s AssignTM SBT software
- Olerup SSP (sequence specific primer) add-ons, complementary products to simplify ambiguity resolution after SBT typing
- Olerup SSP kits, a very robust and reliable method for HLA typing

New products from Meridian Life Science
- Influenza A hemagglutinin H5
- Legionella pneumophila LPS Philadelphia 1 strain
- Listeria monocytogenes p60
- Verotoxin (Shiga-like) B subunit (SLT-1b, STX-1b)
- Hepatitis C antigens for blood donor screening assays

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Thank you for your attention and best regards

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