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Kits and software for genomic HLA typing from MILAN Analytica AG

Ladies and gentlemen,

On the occasion of the incoming conference of the European Federation for Immunogenetics in Maastricht ( we would like to present the HLA typing portfolio of MILAN Analytica:


Sequence specific primer kits and interpretation software from Olerup SSP AB

HLA Kits

Software: Helmberg SCORE 5.00.41T

All Olerup SSP kits are CE-marked diagnostic kits according to the European IVD Directive 98/79/EC.

Optional for the automated processing of Olerup SSP kits and computer-assisted interpretation of the results a system consisting of a microgel instrument and the associated software is available.


Kits and software for the HLA Sequencing Based Typing from Conexio Genomics (distributed exclusively by Olerup)

SBT Resolver kits

  • High Resolution SBT assays
  • HLA-A and -B Exons 1-4
  • HLA-C Exons 1-7
  • DRB1 exon 2+3
  • DQB1 exon 2+3
  • DPB1 exon 2
  • B57
  • DRB3,4,5
  • DRB1 GSA coming soon

Software: AssignTM SBT 3.6+ For use with the SBT Resolver™ product range

SBT Resolver HARPS(Heterozygous Ambiguity Resolution Primers)

Software: HAPRSFinder

All Conexio SBT Resolver™ products and Assign™ SBT 3.6+ are CE marked.


We would be glad to meet you in Maastricht at the Olerup/Conexio booth!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Thank you for your attention and best regards

Andy Uhlig
Marketing and Sales Manager Distribution


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