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please find attached a new on-line publication from the UCLA (Reed et al.) on non-HLA antibodies and rejection in organ transplantation.

The message is that AECA (anti-endothelial cellantibodies) are contributing to post transplant complications and that Absorber XM-ONE (test system for the detection of AECA) can help detecting these antibodies.

Abstract: There is a growing body of data supporting a role for non-HLA antibodies in acute and chronic rejection of solid organ transplants. While many of these non-HLA antigens remain poorly defined, the principal antigenic targets are expressed on cells of the allograft including endothelium and epithelium. These non-HLA antigens are classified as either alloantigens, such as the major histocompatibility complex class I chain- related gene A (MICA) or MICB, or tissue-specific autoantigens such as vimentin, cardiac myosin (CM), collagen V (Col V), agrin, and angiotensin II receptor type I (AT1). Herein we provide an overview of the non-MHC antigenic targets that have been implicated in graft rejection and discuss the interplay between alloimmunity and autoreactivity in graft rejection.

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