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AbSorber hosted an Early Morning Symposium during the TTS Congress in Vancouver, August 16

Improving outcomes in kidney transplantation: Non-HLA antibodies and Enhanced Clinical Risk Assessment


HLA-specific antibodies present before kidney transplantation or induced after transplantation have been associated with hyperacute and acute vascular rejection episodes, graft loss, and poor long-term graft survival. There is increasing evidence that the presence of non-HLA antibodies reactive with donor endothelial cells contribute to short and long term complications in renal transplant recipients. During the symposium enhanced risk assessment focusing on the detection of non-HLA antibodies was discussed.



AbSorber is excited about the very positive interest that XM-ONE has received in the transplant community around the world. AbSorber's symposium, at this important congress, gave the participants an even better understanding of the clinical role of XM-ONE in organ transplantation, according to Anders Karlsson, CEO of AbSorber.

XM-ONE is a standardized, cell based, crossmatch test for clinical use. The use of XM-ONE allows you to identify patients at risk for developing acute rejections and post-transplant complications. XM-ONE provides additional information compared to the currently used lymphocyte crossmatch tests and therefore improves the basis for risk assessment prior to transplantation.

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