Ladies and gentlemen,

we are pleased to announce the release of the following two new Olerup SSP kits:

  • Olerup SSP DRB1*1401/1454 – a 2- well PCR-SSP product for distinguishing the DRB1*1454 allele from DRB1*1401
    Prod.Code: 101.813-12 Product: DRB1*1401/1454 (12 tests)

    Background: the DRB1*1454 has been shown to be a common allele within the DRB1*14 group and with the DRB1*1454 specific polymorphism located in exon 3, it is not separated from DRB1*1401 using methods that strictly target coding regions of the antigen recognition site.

    Hence, the DRB1*1401/1454 Kit will be a supplement to resolve this frequently encountered polymorphism if using other typing methods than PCR-SSP, e.g. SBT.

  • Olerup SSP DPB1-DQ-DR Combi Tray – a new 96 well combi tray for typing of HLA-DPB1, -DQ and -DR
    Prod.Code: 101.709-06/24 (6 or 24 tests)

    Background: The combi tray is made for the US market based upon the new UNOS typing strategies. In the future this might have an impact on the typing policies in Europe too.
    The new DPB1-DQ-DR Combi Tray allows for the complete Class II typing with serologic equivalent results in a single tray.

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