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You may want to check out our new homepage with the logos of our main suppliers. Our Biologicals are sold under the MILAN label.

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Jackson ImmunoResearch

Primary and secondary antibodies, conjugated and unconjugated

Olerup SSP Sequence specific primers for HLA typing, wipe test for contamination check
Pan Biotech Media and reagents for serum free and for conventional cell culture, media for special purposes, all sizes from small bottles (100 ml) to bags of 1000 liters.
Meridian Life Science Primary and secondary antibodies, recombinant and native antigens
Dianova Primary and secondary antibodies, native and recombinant antigens
Enzyme Research native coagulation antigens, antibodies against coagulation antigens, antigen pairs for ELISAs
Fuller Laboratories Primary antibodies and complete kits against zoonoses and anthropozoonoses
Milan Biologicals Human and animal plasmas and sera from healthy and from diseased donors


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