Ladies and gentlemen,

Since January of this year MILAN Analytica is the official distributor for PAN BIOTECH products in Switzerland.

For more than 20 years PAN BIOTECH produces high-quality products for cell culture:

Serum free media and protein free media for the following cell types
- CHO cells
- Dendritic cells
- HEK-293 cells
- Hybridoma/Myeloma cells
- Insect cells
- Keratinocytes
- Lymphocytes
- Various cells (Macrophages, Fibroblasts, Melanocytes, Carcinoma-c
ells, HeLa-cells)

Cell specific media for
- Endothelial cells
- Haemangioblasts
- Melanocytes
- Neuronal cells
- Stem cells
- Prenatal cytogenetics
- Bone marrow cells

Standard media
- MEM, BME, DMEM, Ham’s, McCoy’s, RPMI, and many others

Sera (animal and human)
- bovine sera (fetal, adult)
- Various other animal sera (chicken, donkey, goat, hamster, sheep/lamb, mouse, pig, rabbit, rat, ect.)
- Human AB serum
- Treated sera (dialysed, charcoal absorbed, heat inactivated, tetracycline free, delipidized, gamma irradiated, ultra low IgG)
special sera for embryonic stem cells

We would be glad to provide you with these high-quality products from PAN BIOTECH.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Thank you for your attention and best regards

Julia Hirtle
Sales and Marketing Manager Distribution

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